Customer’s Feedback

My journey to Canada started in 2016 as I contacted an immigration consultant (names withheld) who promised to assist with it. However, after the initial payment was made, the response was not soothing and I lost all hopes of anybody assisting. I got the contact of Dr John Owojori (Distinct Immigration) from a friend in 2017 who told me another friend was assisted by the same organisation. I decided to give it a shot the second time, forfeiting the payment I made to the first consultant.

From the word go, he made my chances clear to me, no dilly dallying, nothing hidden. Always in contact with me (via calls, WhatsApp, emails) whenever he needed any information to assist with my application. He made it so easy as the stress of monitoring provinces was shifted to him.

Nova Scotia nominated me in 2018 and my application was subsequently accepted by IRCC days later and voila, everything else is history. It took approximately 8 months from start to finish. I will always recommend him anytime.